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A Poker Table Has 10 Different Games You Can Play

by Shanaya Infotech 21 Dec 2022
You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars at a casino when you can bring the excitement of the casino right into your own home. The home poker room lets you play multiple variations of the most popular casino poker cards from one table.
Your poker table can be used to host fun poker parties at home, whether it's Texas Hold'em or Five Card Stud.
Poker tables can be more versatile than you might think. A Oval poker table can host a variety of card games including BlackJack and Baccarat.
We've listed ten incredible poker variations and card games that you can play at your home poker tables.

Ten Poker Card Games You can Play at a Poker Table

1. Texas Hold'em
Texas Hold'em, the classic American poker game, is what most people associate with poker.
Texas Hold'em may have up to ten players (including a dealer) who compete for a single pot in any round.
Each player receives two cards face-down and five cards in middle of table. Players can place a wager during each round. The following is a typical round of poker:
  • The Flop: The middle three cards are turned face-up.
  • The Turn: A new round of betting begins, and the fourth card will be placed face-up.
  • The River: This is the final round of betting. The last card is then placed face-up.
For more information, see our guide How to Play Poker for Beginners.
2. Pineapple Poker
Pineapple Poker, which is a variant of Texas Hold'em, has the most similar rules to the traditional version. Players are dealt three cards when they start, and must then discard one card during the turn, flop or river depending on which version of Pineapple Poker they play.
3. Omaha
Omaha is an alternative to Texas Hold'em. It has the same number and betting structure as Texas Hold'em. To start, each player gets four cards, with all the community cards facing up.
The winner is the player who creates the most five-card combinations using only two cards from his hand, and three community cards. Hi/low variations force players to make two separate hi/low hands in order to win.
4. Seven Card Stud
There are many Stud poker games. Seven Card Stud was the most popular before Texas Hold'em. Seven Card Stud can be played with up 8 people and includes a 52-card deck as well as a joker.
Seven Card Stud begins with each player being dealt three cards. Two of the cards are face-down (Hole Cards), and one is face-up (door card). After a round, each player receives four cards. Three of them are face-up and one is face-down.
Each player must choose a five-card combination after the last round of betting. They hope one of their face-down cards will give them a good hand. The remaining two cards are then discarded and the winner is the player with the highest five-card combination. A five-of-a kind is the best hand. This is followed by straight flushes.
5. Chicago Poker: High/Low
Chicago Poker is a slightly modified version of Seven Card Stud. It follows the same rules. If you play High Chicago Poker, the only difference is that the player with the most spade hole cards (face down), wins half the pot. Low Chicago Poker, on the other hand, awards half of the pot to the players with the lowest spade card in each round.
6. Razz
Razz follows the same rules as Stud games and doesn't involve card exchanges. Razz's lowest-rated hand wins and high cards are considered aces. Razz variations can also be used in traditional five-card and seven-card stud games.
7. 2-7 Triple Draw
Because it is strictly a draw game, 2-7 Triple Draw is slightly different from Texas Hold'em or other poker games. Draw games do not have community cards. Instead, players are dealt a complete hand and can exchange cards with a dealer.
The 2-7 Triple Draw is four betting rounds that use the Ace as a high-card. The goal is to get the lowest or worst rated hand. This hand would not be considered the lowest, as a straight hand is 6x, 5x and 4x, 3x, 3x, and 3x. A hand of 7x, 5x or 4x with no flush and lowest cards is the best to win 2-7 Triple Draw.
8. Five Card Draw
Five Card Draw, a simple and classic draw game, involves two betting rounds. The first round of five card draw sees players being dealt five cards. During the second round, they can swap three cards with the dealer. The winner is the player who has the best hand.
Five Card Draw, while not as strategic as the other games, is a popular casual game for those who want to have a good time and relax.
9. Badugi
Badugi is a simplified version to Five Card Draw. It has four cards and a low Ace. There are three betting rounds and the winner is the player with the best hand.
10. Chinese Poker
Chinese Poker is quite different from any other game you have ever played. Chinese Poker Games are played by between 2 and 4 players. They use a 52-card standard deck of cards to deal 13 cards.
Each player must create three hands. These are the front, middle, or back. The middle and back contain five cards and the front three cards. The back is the strongest hand, while the front is the weakest. For each round won, players are awarded one unit. This is a fixed amount of money. Players may be awarded units if they have a better middle hand or front hand, even if it results in a loss on the backhand. The player with the most units wins.
Additional games you can play at a poker table
These games are not traditional poker card games but can be played with a 52-card deck of cards or some dice. Many of these games come with their own felt and design, but many can also be played at home on an round or oval poker table.
  • BlackJack: To compete with your family and friends, this casino favourite requires a dedicated dealer. Two rounds of Blackjack are played. The first round involves everyone getting a face-up card and then the next round features another face-up, with the exception of the dealer who receives a face down card. The dealer can score more than 21 points, or the players can win. Players who have cards that exceed 21 are considered busts, and they lose their bets.
  • Craps: Craps can be played at a standard poker table. Keep track of the number being rolled to ensure that you don't forget. The object of Craps is to choose the number that is chosen before the "shooter", who rolls a seven. Craps is a great alternative to traditional poker card games.
  • Baccarat: This French classic can be played at a traditional table. You must announce your bets before you start. It does not require a mini-bac table. To give the game a more authentic feel, you can add a mini-bac felt or mat to an existing poker table.
  • Pai Gow Poker: Pai Gow Poker is similar to Baccarat. It can be played at a traditional table with one 52-card and a joker. To play authentic Pai Gow Poker at your poker table, you can add your felt or keep track of your hands.
With a little imagination, you can play multiple casino poker card games at one table. These ten poker card game options are worth a try, regardless of whether you're looking to switch from traditional Tex Hold'em to something more exciting or to find new reasons to play at a poker table.
Browse our collection of poker tables to find the best poker tables. We have a wide selection, including high-end poker tables with LED lighting. You can play now and pay it later with our free shipping and financing options.
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